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Andover Trees United

Written on 04 May 2016. Posted in Events

Andover Trees United are a community group based in Andover, Hampshire and their aim is to design and create a new woodland which will serve all in Andover as a recreational and educational green space.

Over twenty schools are involved in planting one thousand trees every year for ten years. The woodland has several separate areas, a pond which will also involve an archaeological dig during construction, a butterfly site planted specifically with adult and larvae butterfly food, an open area where the community can gather for events such as outdoor plays and a small rustic shelter with a picnic area for more personal gatherings such as family or small groups of friends.

The project is nearing its halfway point and Focus in on Life are delighted to be involved through the provision of a grant in the celebrations to mark this point in the project. The celebration will be shared with the tercentenary of Capability Brown and the planting of a tree will mark both events. The children from the participating schools will visit Highclere Castle and Longstock arboretum to look at Capability Brown’s work and to decide which tree would best represent his work, they will then present their choice of tree to a panel who will make the final decision on which tree will be chosen based on the children’s presentations.

The tree planting will take place in the autumn of 2016, there will be a weekend of celebrations and it is hoped that there will also be a photograph competition illustrating the role that trees play in our lives.